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We sell a training video featuring Dan Bricklin. Titled "A Developer's Introduction to Copyright and Open Source: Why a Lawyer is a Developer's Friend", it introduces developers to the basics of copyright law and how it applies to software licensing, including Open Source Software. It helps developers join with the corporate legal department to make sure that together they do "the right thing".

See the Training Video product page.
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We have a podcast called "Dan Bricklin's Software Licensing Podcast". It includes interviews and other material that should be of interest to lawyers, developers, and business people who need to learn more about topics relating to software licensing and Open Source from others in the field at a deep, practical level. While the video is targeted at a viewing audience that needs to learn the basics of the topic, the podcast is aimed at those who are already knowledgeable in the area.

See the Podcasts page for more information.

Software Products

  Dan Bricklin's® Note Taker HD App for the Apple iPad

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An app for the Apple iPad for taking notes by writing directly on the screen with your finger.
  Dan Bricklin's® Note Taker App

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An app for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch that makes it easy for you to quickly write down names, phone numbers, addresses, shopping lists, notes, and more, by writing directly on the screen with your finger.

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This was released as Version 1.0 in January 2007. The wikiCalc program is a web authoring tool operated using a browser that uses a spreadsheet-style interface. It allows multiple users to maintain the web pages in a controlled manner. Written in Perl, it is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, and Unix/Linux systems and is released with source code under the GNU GPL 2.0.

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Another popular software product is the ListGarden RSS Feed Generator program. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, and Unix/Linux systems and is released with source code under the GNU GPL.
  Shiva Signup Program

The Software Garden Shiva Signup program is a server-based program to facilitate keeping track of group member sign ups for attendance at events, providing food, etc. It is very general purpose. Written in Perl, it comes with complete source code but is designed to be easily customized by users without needing to know Perl. The product is available as Open Source software under the GNU GPL license for no charge. It is currently available as a late beta test release.

We have a website monitoring product called Servertest that runs on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, and Unix/Linux systems for users of shared and dedicated hosting systems. Written in Perl, it comes with complete source code to ease customization but you do not need to know Perl to use it. The version for Windows includes a Perl runtime.
  Other Products

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We also still have two old products (both released in 2002), the Garden® Utilities Pack No. 1 (a CDROM), and the SRCSVC HTML listing package (an open source program written in Perl). Both of these old Software Garden® products are tools for website developers.

See the Products page for information about our products and services.

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Software Garden, Inc., is a company founded in 1985 by Dan Bricklin. It develops and markets software tools he creates, and provides consulting services mainly performed by him. It also makes him available as a speaker. Best known as the original source of the very popular and award-winning Dan Bricklin's Demo Program in the late 1980's, the company is a vehicle through which Dan provides new innovation and participates in the software industry first hand.

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