Dan Bricklin's Video:
A Developer's Introduction to Copyright and Open Source
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This version is for use by corporations that want to make the video available online. The license is as follows:

This video is authorized for viewing only by employees of the company for which it was purchased. Use for public or other online viewing is not permitted. Copying except as part of authorized online distribution is prohibited. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition is a violation of applicable laws.
The video is normally provided in Quicktime format as a single ".mov" file on a DVD-ROM. It is rendered at 240x180 pixels, 15 fps. It is about 1.2GB in size. Contact us if you need something different.

The price of this version is $1,995, and includes shipping within the USA. You can pay for it with PayPal using a credit card or optional PayPal account. Allow 14 days for delivery (though in many cases it will be much faster than that). Massachusetts shipments require an additional 5% sales tax.

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