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This page gives access to copies of the Help pages shipped with wikiCalc.

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Here are links to a copy of the text that is accessible from the various "Help" buttons when you use the wikiCalc program. To make it easy to print out for reference, the text is a single web page divided up into sections for each separate help "page". It has simple formatting that expands to the width of the viewing window and is especially suitable for printing. When printed on some browsers it will start each section on a new page.

The entire page itself is "Help Text".

For reading online, here are links to the start of each section:

Cell Editing
Intro, Functions, Scrolling, Text Formatting, Commands, Extending the Sheet
Range Commands
Intro, Merge Cells, Unmerge, Copy, X-Cut, Erase, Fill Right, Fill Down, Table, Keyboard Shortcuts
Table Commands
More Commands...
Range, Paste All, Paste Contents, Paste Formats, Recalc Manual, Recalc Auto, Insert Row, Insert Column, Delete Row, Delete Column, Keyboard Shortcuts
Cell Formatting
Intro, Numbers, Text, Fonts, Colors, Borders, Layout, Columns, Rows, Misc
Publish Tab
Intro, Publish, View On Web, Live Viewing
Intro, Backup For One Page, Backups For All Pages, Preferences
Backups Details
Site, Backup Filename, Page, Last Author, Comments, Started With File, Edits
List of Formula Functions
Standard Functions, wikiCalc Specific Functions

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