Here's what's new in wikiCalc Alpha release 0.3:

In addition to all the new features added in Alpha Version 0.2, there are many new features in Alpha 0.3. The new version is upwards compatible with the last, but is not downwards compatible -- once you upgrade do not use the old program to edit new data files.

Overall this version should be much cleaner with Ajax technologies used in more places to make it "feel" more like desktop spreadsheets (which feel that way for a good reason). The Cells and Format tabs have been heavily modified.

Here is a list of the main changes:
  • Scrolling added to sheet in Cells and Format tabs
  • Ajax-style range selection added to sheet using arrow keys and clicking
  • Range and More commands added to Cells tab replacing the Edit tab
  • Cells tab has keyboard shortcuts for Range and More commands including "retro-style" slash commands
  • Help text is improved for Cells and Format tab (loaded dynamically)
  • Multi-line editing now has a "Link to page" button that shows a list of current pages and then inserts the new "[page:pagename link-text]" wiki command
  • Reimplemented entire Format tab using Ajax technologies
  • Added hidden rows and columns for hiding comments and intermediate calculations when published
  • Added Cell CSS Class and Cell CSS Style to give even more control over a given cell's display attributes
  • Added Page Delete and Abandon Edit to Page tab, accessed with the "Other" radio button
  • Improved handling of attempting to edit when FTP not working -- uses local published copy
  • Create new page now lets you copy an existing page either from one of your sites or from the "published source" anywhere on the web
  • Tools Page Properties lets you rename a page
  • Commented save format in the source code
  • Added text and HTML data values in formulas
  • Added new functions: COUNT, wkcTEXT, wkcHTML, and wkcHTTP
  • Implemented sample service to access with wkcHTTP,, that can retrieve data from any web page or produce simple HTML graphs
  • Added tab-delimited (Excel clipboard) load/save text and cleaned up the rest a bit
  • Sheet size is now more explicit and only rows have extra at the end -- you have to add columns
  • Added "Add Row" and "Add Column" buttons below the sheet display
  • Fixed various bugs with insert/delete column/row
  • Added Services URL to site definition
  • Added Publish Source and Publish Live to the page properties
  • Added {{line-if-htmlurl}}, {{htmlurl}}, and {{servicesurl}} to template
  • Added livetemplate type of template
For more detailed information on using the new wkcTEXT, wkcHTML, wkcHTTP functions, the program, and the runtime recalculation program, see "The new functions and runtime recalc in 0.3"

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